Dear to Webmaster. I’m Trevor and I’ve just come across your webpage at…

I found it after a swift searching, so your SEO is performing well…

The content looks pretty good…

One thing’s lacking though…

A QUICK, EASY way to communicate with you IMMEDIATELY.

Because studies indicate that a visitor like me will only stay a few seconds – 7 out of 10 leave instantly, Browse Browse Click… then gone forever.

I possess the answer:

Web Visitors Into Leads is a software widget that’s operates on your site, prepared to capture any visitor Name, Email address, and Phone Number. You will be aware instantly they’re intrigued, and you can call them directly to TALK with them – virtually whilst they’re still on the web browsing your site.

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Moreover, now that you’ve got that that phone number, with our new SMS Text With Lead feature, you can immediately initiate a text conversation immediately… which is so powerful, as connecting with someone within 5 minutes is 100 times more effective than waiting 30 minutes or more later.

The new text message function enables you follow up frequently with content links, even follow-up notes to forge a relation.

All I’ve described is incredibly simple implement, cost-effective, and profitable.

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You have customers eager to chat with you right now… don’t leave them waiting.
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