Good afternoon, you’re reading this letter as we want everyone in our crypto world and not only to be aware of cooperating with a serial entrepreneur and professiona SCAMMER called Serge Gianchandani. He lives in Dehli, India.
He is CEO (or CPO – his position is also differs in many sources) and co-founder of Metamall and so called ‘serial entrepreneur’. All his projects are poor and look like scam as soon as it reach listing.
He stole more than $50,000 from investors by taking the money for the SAFT and not sending the tokens. 50k$ is only a small part of who we found, I think the amounts are estimated at millions of dollars. We have all the proofs of what we’re saying. We can send it to anyone, just send request to:
Because we haven’t received Metamall tokens we asked for refund and return of money of our investors. But Serge refused to return 50000 USDT. So we haven’t received neither the tokens, nor the invested money. We where SCAMMED!

His contacts can be found below, we would be grateful if you would complain about him in social networks. Very soon we will turn down his website of Metamalls.

You can complain about his website – here:

His companies
Current: Co-Founder –
Past: Director – Moksha
Past: Co-Founder – Axecam

Sorry to bother you, but the world will be cleaner without scammers!