My manual is a life hack on 2 pages of PDF.
There I will show in screenshots with explanations where and what price to put down and thus save the advertising budget (reduce the advertising budget by 5-10 times).
Most ad networks lure advertisers to themselves with a low cost per click of $ 0.001, but they do not specify that such a price is only for Tier 3 countries.
And for countries of Tier 1 and Tier 2, the price starts at $ 0.01 per click.
But we are not satisfied with this price, we need a lot of traffic at a price of $ 0.001 per click from Tier 1 countries.
I will show you how to bypass the minimum price limit of $ 0.01 and buy traffic at $ 0.001 – $ 0.005 per click from countries of the Tier 1.
And also, as a bonus, I will give one more ad network with high-quality traffic and a minimum price of $ 0.001 per click from Tier 1 Countries.
This life hack is suitable for business owners, affiliates and all those who need a lot of high-quality and cheap traffic.
Using this technique, I reduced my advertising budget from $ 150,000 to $ 50,000 per week, it turns out three times and I began to earn 5 times more.