According to recent reports, digital ad spend in the world is projected to reach US$271.20bn by the end of 2023. This means there are ample opportunities for publishers like you to carve out their own little piece of this pie.

But, monetizing your website effectively through ads is easier said than done. Platforms like Google AdSense come with a lot of restrictions and formats that aren’t that versatile.
That’s where Monetag comes in. Even corporate websites also monetize their blog parts through Monetag.

Monetag is one of the largest audience monetization platforms for publishers. The best thing is that most Monetag ad formats are compatible with AdSense (except Popunder/OnClick ads).

The platform works for every type of audience, including desktop, mobile, and in app audiences. You get access to worldwide advertisers, clean ads, competitive CPMs, and convenient payment options.

Income growth is exciting, and the wait is worth it. During the first month, advertisers typically test the quality of website traffic and collect demographic data of website visitors at low bids; In the second month, advertisers raise their bids once a week to compete for ad placements on your site; In the third month, the advertisers increased their bids significantly each week! You will earn $5 to $10 per 1000 page views via Monetag, Monetag brings publishers like you more income than AdSense usually does !

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Easy Setup: No rigid restrictions are imposed and most sites are accepted!
Works With Any Website: Monetag works perfectly with any site regardless of industry, size, or traffic levels.
Full Ad Coverage: Monetag offers 6 ad formats in 1 and is the ultimate AI-based technology for monetizing your website.
100% Fill Rate: Your ad inventory won’t be wasted because Monetag has access to advertisers worldwide.
MultiTag Feature: Removes the need for you to add several tags, test, analyze, and optimize yourself.
Clean and Safe Ads: No need to worry about malwarel or virus-infected ads thanks to well-vetted ads and anti-ad fraud protection tools.
Smartlink Feature: This is a profitable ad format that lets you monetize any type of traffic with one click.

Payout methods you can choose from:

PayPal: $5(Minimum payout)
Payoneer: $20
Skrill: $5
Webmoney Z: $5
Online Banking: $500
Wire Transfer: $500

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Alexandra Cordero

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